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The moment you hear the name BMW, you know the said vehicle is going to look incredible. The same holds true for the 2019 BMW i8. Everyone is going to take notice of this exceptionally stunning car driving down the street. Let’s take a deeper look at what this offering in the iconic line brings to the table in the appearance as well as performance departments.

2019 BMW i8 exterior review

2019 BMW i8 side door review


The first thing you’ll notice about the 2019 BMW i8’s exterior is how unique it looks. This car almost has an alien-esque quality to it. Some of you might even relate it to the spaceships seen in sci-fi movies. The very futuristic look might not be for everyone, but you can’t deny the fact that the featured design is sure to turn heads when you’re driving this beauty around. Furthermore, the 2019 BMW i8 exterior offers two new colors which are Donington Grey and E-Copper for more visual flair. It’s definitely an awesome option for someone who is an exhibitionist when it comes to the cars they own. Even with the folding fabric top down, this BMW stands apart from the rest, using a lot of sharp curves to emphasize a stunning yet aerodynamic look.

The total length comes in at 184.9-inches with the width being 76.5-inches without side mirrors. This BMW is 50.7-inches in height. The showy and tall doors can make it difficult for short-armed people to properly close them. You’ll find the electric charging port on the front driver’s-side fender. The fuel door is located on the rear-passenger’s-side panel.

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You get a new Copper color scheme along with leather and cloth upholstery. There’s also a carbon-fiber interior trim. The infotainment system is powered by BMW’s iDrive 6.0 software, and yes, there are certain issues with it. The infotainment system doesn’t offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Furthermore, the response time is also slow. Also, there are a lot of menus to go through with can be annoying to some. It does have a CD player, though. However, having a second USB port instead of a player would be preferable to a lot of drivers.

Coming to the comfort of the cabin, you might be surprised to see so much plastic around for a car that costs this much. In short, compared to the exterior, the interior of the 2019 BMW i8 leaves a lot to be desired. While this coupe has a pair of jump seats, this vehicle is meant for two passengers, especially due to the folding top taking up too much space. The front seats are comfortable. You won’t feel cramped. The head and legroom is a good fit for taller passengers, too. Do take note that there’s only one cup-holder for the front seats. There are two more cupholders behind the center console. but they don’t allow easy access. The cargo space is limited.

2019 BMW i8 cargo review


The features of the 2019 BMW i8 include a standard forward-collision warning system. The car’s rear seats have child-seat LATCH points. Take note that this vehicle hasn’t been crash-tested by NHTSA or IIHS. On closer inspection you’ll see that a lot of active-safety features are missing such as adaptive cruise control and even blind-spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control are absent. It seems the company has focused a lot of on the exterior appeal of this car rather than offering a performance that matches it. You can opt for the Tera World Copper interior option. This will add leather sports seats (the hue is E-Copper) as well as a matching exterior paint job. You’ll also get ceramic interior controls, and the brake calipers are coated with high-gloss black paint.

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Specifics / Performance

BASE PRICE $144,395 (est.)
ENGINE Turbo 1.5 inline-3 + 2 AC motors
TORQUE 420 lb-ft
TOP SPEED 155 mph
TRANSMISSION 2-speed automatic (front), 6-speed automatic (rear)
0-60 MPH 4.0 sec.
ON SALE IN U.S. 2018 Q3

Source: Motor Trend

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