Audi is a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, produces, markets and distributes luxury automobiles. The badge today symbolises the four companies that merged in 1932 to create the German automotive company.

2018 Audi A5 Sportback Review

2018 Audi A5 Grille View

Intro At first glance, you’ll be able to see that the 2018 Audi A5 Sportback combines a number of features from numerous other Audis. It has the sweeping lines that were shown in the A5 coupe, and even the four-door layout as well as the...

2017 Audi A4 Review

2017 Audi A4 Seats View

Intro In the automobile industry, Audi is a famous name. That is why a lot of drivers are looking forward to the 2017 Audi A4. The company boasted a lot about the A4. The vehicle has been fully redesigned from inside out. It is also...

2017 Audi Q7 SUV Review

2017 Audi Q7 SUV Side View

Intro Audi isn’t exiting the race of technologically advanced SUVs just yet. The new 2017 Audi Q7 seems to promise impressive performance and features package with this vehicle. The first ever Audi Q7 was released back in 2007 and is continuing the high standards of...

Impressive 2016 Audi R8 V10 Plus Supercar Review

Audi R8 V10 Plus Mythos Black Metalic Rear Design

Intro The all impressive 2016 Audi R8 V10 Plus is so much lighter and considerably more powerful than the predecessor R8 V10 “normal” (if that kind of car could ever be defined as normal), the Plus version adds extras equipment of this supercar, making it a...

2016 Audi S6 Review

2016 Audi S6 Exterior Rear Bumper

Intro The 2016 Audi S6 from the first view looks as a great car that has everything as exclusive car truly needs. It is the reflection of A6 series with several awesome improvements. It comes in luxurious sporty design with top notch materials on every single thing...

2016 Audi TT & TTS Review

2016 Audi TTS Side Rear Photo

Intro Europe becomes the first witness of the launching of 2016 Audi TT/TTS. The next place scheduled for the launching is Los Angeles. It seems that Los Angeles will be a fierce place for competition for many super and new cars. Now, many cars use...

2016 Audi S8 Review

2016 Audi S8 Plus Exterior Front and Side

Intro The 2016 Audi S8 Plus, which is launched for the first time at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show, has been very popular among the people as one of the best sedans in the market today. This great car will offer you powerful performance and...

2016 Audi S7 Specification and Price

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2016 Audi S7 Trunk Space

2016 Audi S7 specification has been published for all of Audi enthusiast. There are several exterior updates, upgraded engine power and new infotainments system as well as other additional features to give us the best driving experience inside this car. At this point, this impressive...
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