Future Automobile of 2016 Toyota Mirai Changes Hydrogen Highway

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2016 Toyota Mirai Front Interior Seats

2016 Toyota Mirai is well known in Tokyo motor Show.  Mirai means future in Japanese. This production model lays on the Toyota’s vision to set with the hydrogen for automobile.

Here comes again the 2016 Toyota Mirai with its Toyota fuel cell car. This is the vehicle unveiled in Tokyo motor Show, last year.  The name of Mirai means as the future in Japanese. The new production model is laying out the Toyota’s vision with the hydrogen to be the future for automobile future. The Mirai vehicle sizes in midsize of four door sedan that has range of about 300 miles on the single tank. It compresses the hydrogen.

2016 Toyota Mirai

VEHICLE LAYOUT front-motor, front-wheel-drive, 4-passenger, 4-door sedan
MOTOR TYPE synchronous AC
MAX POWER 152 hp
MAX TORQUE 247 lb-ft
FUEL-CELL STACK solid polymer electrolyte, 153 hp
TRANSMISSION 1-speed direct drive
WHEELBASE 109.4 in
LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT 92.5 x 71.5 x 60.4 in
0 – 60 MPH 9.4 sec
0 – 100 mph 34.2 sec
Top gear, 30-50 mph 3.9 sec
Top gear, 50-70 mph 6.3 sec
Standing ¼-mile 7.2 sec @ 80 mph
Top speed 108 mph
Braking, 70-0 mph 194 ft
FUEL ECONOMY EPA city/highway driving: 67/67 mPGe

2016 Toyota Mirai Exterior Profile New 2016 Toyota Mirai 2016 Toyota Mirai Right Side Photo 2016 Toyota Mirai Performance Test This car is designed to give more fun and joy to drive. The Mirai’s fuel produces the 153 horsepower that enable to reach 60 mph about 9 seconds. It’s wow! The performance of 2016 Toyota Mirai Specification is also expected to quiet become Lexus hybrid. There is the special interesting feature in this vehicle while on the event of the emergency. It will serve as the generator. There is the outlet that is located in trunk to give that purpose. Mirai may also power the appliances at home for more than a week.

It will take five minutes if you want to fill this tank. Emission form fuel cell is the water vapor. As known, Toyota helps the company developing hydrogen infrastructure. So, this number of the refueling station will always continue to make increased. The 2016 Toyota Mirai Concept becomes one of the standout features in biggest style. The styling of this Mirai actually arrived in U.S. as the reason to look in twofold. There are the functional necessary and also the goal of the way making precious looks. It will unlike the other thing on road.

2016 Toyota Mirai Engine View 2016 Toyota Mirai Rear Interior Seats 2016 Toyota Mirai Head Unit Screen 2016 Toyota Mirai Front Interior Seats Well, the 2016 Toyota Mirai uses such similar mix of the form and also function. When you look the front end design and shape, it will help to draw in the air. The roof and the underbody make sure that the air will flow smoothly. It is over and also under the car. Improving the aerodynamic becomes the additional function. Then, you will not be confused with this car design to be out there.

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